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Empower impact-driven college students to close the micro-business gaps across communities by combating financial and resource inequities for entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to close micro-business gaps across communities nationwide by combating financial and resource inequities for entrepreneurs while providing students with opportunities to learn and apply business skills. Our network facilitates collaboration across universities, ultimately supporting entrepreneurs and educating students to drive impact. 



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In 2020 alone, when the world shut down, UIIS got to work and accomplished a lot.


Over $50,000


400+ Students


40 Small Businesses



Three Stages

Incoming partner

​UIIS works with a partner to meet pre-set onboarding requirements for ~6 month period. The partner school is in close contact with the UIIS Vice President of Onboarding to acclimate the incoming partner school to the UIIS structure, current partners, and our vast body of resources. 

Official partner

​Partner establishes a roadmap and signs a contract to officially join UIIS. Onboarding partners are able to nominate alumni and members to the National Board, while continuing monthly calls and communicating with the Vice President of Official Partners

Advising partner

​Once an official partner school successfully provides at least one microfinance loan to entrepreneurs in their local communities, they become an advising partner. Along with the ability to nominate alumni and members to the National Board, advising partners also have a UIIS representative within the UIIS National Board.

No matter where a UIIS partner school is on their journey to helping to close the microbusiness gap, all UIIS partners receive access to an ever-growing benefits list, including but not limited to:

  • Engagement and collaboration with students leading impact investing organizations across the country

  • Access to a growing body of knowledge, accumulated through online resources and guides

  • Guidance from experts in impact investing and social impact from around the nation

  • Professional connections and opportunities

  • Membership in social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Connection to a growing number of UIIS alumni

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